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The Foundation

The Foundation “Amelia and Concetta Grassi”, founded by Aristide La Rocca, Ph.D. (b.24th April 1925-d.18th October 2006), Head Physician at “A. Cardarelli” Hospital in Naples. Apart from being a medical physician, Dr. La Rocca was a poet, a playwright, an essayist and a journalist. He was even well-educated in the field of performing arts, son of a pianist and composer of classical music. Thanks to his various cultural interests, this foundation was established, appointing his daughter, Professor Amelia la Rocca, the head of the Foundation. He was inspired to create a charitable organization in which performing arts activities would continue to advance in time inspiring new generations and his daughter would continue to do so following his example.

Therefore, the main objectives of the “Amelia and Concetta Grassi Foundation” are:
1) To stimulate quality and interest for live performances on a global level and to be a facilitator in joining with others to share experience, exchange data, transmit personal competences and spread expertise training;
2) To support the cultural promotion of significant poetic-theatrical and musical productions on a national and international level, respecting the advancement of artistic quality and respecting the different variety of languages;
3) To enrich integrated projects for the cultural promotion of the arts, music and cultural heritage;
4) To promote intangible cultural heritage and local cultural identity gradually collaborating with and migrating towards other Mediterranean lands;
5) To promote contemporary creativity, new languages and new innovative methods of disseminating poetry and music which would consent a major social integration and contribute to reviving one’s belonging to a community or land;
6) To introduce incentives and benefits for new generations who promote and experiment in artistic, musical and cultural fields;
7) To promote sharing experiences with other institutions, music and artistic associations, music and cultural study initiatives, exhibitions, performances, events and conferences;
8) To coordinate the process and progress of integration in favour of new generations transmitting their knowledge and esteem for their cultural heritage, history and cultural identity of belonging to the Mediterranean.

This foundation has collaborated partnerships on an international level:
1) Partnership with the Music Association “Aldo Ciccolini”, founded in 2000 by Professor Amelia La Rocca and the only association accepted by the great French pianist, Aldo Ciccolini, Honourary Chairman until his death in Paris, on February 1st, 2015. This foundation is the only organization to promote music culturally and produce positive heritage.
The Music Association “Aldo Ciccolini” has promoted various concert editions reaching its 19th season of activity. The Foundation “Amelia and Concetta Grassi” has worked hand-in-hand with the Music Association “Aldo Ciccolini” since 2007 promoting the NOLAFESTIVAL, reaching its 15th season. Both have promoted the PARTHENOPEFESTIVAL, 3 seasons of performances at the “Salone del Circolo Ufficiali dell’esercito di Palazzo Salerno” in Piazza del Plebiscito in Naples. Moreover, inaugurating the NOLAFESTIVAL IN SALZBURG in 2006, the city where the great composer Mozart was born over 250 years ago, and promoting 5 consecutive editions of 25 classical music concerts (5 every year), from 2007 to 2011, at the prestigious Salzburger Schlosskonzerte, in the Marmor Saal of the Castle Mirabell, the same hall where the genius Mozart performed at the young age of 4. Many international artists have performed solo there, violinists like, Luz Leskowitz and Glauco Bertagnin, and violoncellist, Andrea Noferini, just to mention a few.
In 2006, the great pianist Aldo Ciccolini performed a charity concert for UNICEF at the “Teatro Umberto” in Nola, the 5th edition of NOLAFESTIVAL. His participation marked the consecration of the Music Association “Aldo Ciccolini” in Nola, presided by Professor Amelia La Rocca. This famous intellectual French pianist and music genius wanted this recital to offer a significant contribution of solidarity and generosity in favour of UNICEF.
2) Collaboration with the Library Archives for Mediterranean culture. The participation of well-known citizens of the region of Campania and the periodical “Hyria” (established in 1972 and which disseminated social culture and literature in the name of the city of Nola) have actively worked together with the Association “Amelia and Concetta Grassi” to promote Mediterranean poetry of young talented poets.
3) Partnership with the University of Naples “Federico II”, Department of Humanistic Studies in the promotion of contemporary languages, creative poetry writings and the dissemination of new forms of culture. Luigi Reina recited “I Frammenti” written by Aristide La Rocca and the violoncellist Andrea Noferini performed a concert in memory of the Medical Physician-Poet at the Conference “Temi e voci della poesia del Novecento”, held in Naples on 30th and 31st May 2016 in the Research Library of the Department of Humanistic Studies, University of Naples “Federico II”.

Among the many international events, the Foundation “Amelia and Concetta Grassi” has supported:
– 1st Edition of “NOLA INTERNATIONAL PERCUSSION FESTIVAL” at the “Seminario Vescovile” in Nola from the 1st to the 4th September 2011. The Town Hall of Nola and the Rector Don Gennaro Romano funded the festival. The Association “Aldo Ciccolini” and the Foundation “Amelia and Concetta Grassi” held concerts and Master Classes with some of the most well-known international percussionists, like Daniella Ganeva, of the Royal College of Music in London, together with Edoardo Albino Giachino, percussionist of the “Orchestra Sinfonica Nazionale di Santa Cecilia”. Peter Sadlo, professor at the Mozarteum in Salzburg and one of the most important international percussionists who died prematurely in the summer 2016, coordinated the performances.
This manifestation demonstrated that the Association “Aldo Ciccolini”, the only association in Southern Italy, was able to promote classical musical performed by young artists to young crowds.
Moreover, these young musicians participated in a Master Class session with Peter Sadlo. The young well-known conductor, percussionist and Music Academy professor Roland Costagliola, class of 1989, was the artistic director of the event.

The “NOLA PERCUSSION FESTIVAL” project was established not only to offer to young local high school students the possibility to show their musical talents in the sector of percussion, but also the possibility to improve their musical skills with specialists in the field. The presence of big greats and businesses, who have no profitable aim whatsoever, helps to promote musical talents and formation and contribute to integration and social unity with music. The idea of promoting the percussion sector in its historical and cultural role over time helps music learners understand even more the importance of music in all its aspects: composition, interpretation, performance, representation, aesthetic, theoretical, technical, cultural and historical background. The final aim of this festival is to help music learners advance in their music studies, as soloists and/or in an orchestra, performing, composing and consolidating all their gained knowledge.

What’s more:
At the 2nd edition of the Festival dedicated to art and culture, the international violoncellist Andrea Noferini of the “Concerto Sinfonico dell’Orchestra da Camera”, San Carlo Theatre, performed soloist at the “Il Teatrino di Corte”, Royal Palace in Naples, a historical building designed by the Architect Ferdinando Fuga. The Foundation “Amelia and Concetta Grassi” and the Music Association “Aldo Ciccolini” coordinated in every detail this extravagant musical performance, held on 24th October in honour of the “Aristide La Rocca- Una vita per la cultura e per l’Arte” Award, given to archaeologist Eugenio La Rocca. (The previous year the award went to the great philosopher Aldo Masullo.) Gabriele Blair conducted the musical programme, violoncello and orchestra Concerto n° 1 and Concerto n°2 by Franz Joseph Haydn, “Une Larme” by Gioacchino Rossini and a variation of “Mosè” by Rossini and Niccolò Paganini. The whole event was supported by MIBACT, the Region of Campania, “la Città Metropolitana” of Naples, the Theatre “San Carlo” in Naples, the Music Association “Aldo Ciccolini” and the Lions Club (Distretto 108 YA).

The Foundation “Amelia and Concetta Grassi” have been partners with:
– the “Aristide La Rocca” award for the “certamen” of poetry, an initiative to promote, support and disseminate new forms of culture among young generations in local schools and the local community;
– the participation of scholars and researchers, literary awards, poetry contests, technological multi-media projects and live performances to create a universal transactional network strictly to promote local identity;
– the celebration of significant cultural and music events, with important artists performing at interesting historical places in Nola, for example, the famous Diocesan Museum, the “Medaglioni” Hall at the Ancient Bishopric, and the Archaeological Museum;
– the participation at other important initiatives around the region of Campania: festivals, exhibitions and shows. The most important is the “POSEIDONIA-PAESTUM” 2016 Award, its 22nd edition in Paestum, a night dedicated to the recital of “Scene Augustee” written by the inspirational poet and playwright, Dr. Aristide La Rocca, a historical play written in Dante’s hendecosyllable and expressive pure style. (Link)

Technologies used:
Multimedia technology has been used in the production of all these projects:
– the production of “Percussion Festival”: PA system, stage equipment, scenic stage designs, video and audio equipment.
– the publicity and advertising of events: social medial, web, networks, television, billboard posters throughout the region.
– for the music production: the recordings of CDs.

Financial supporters sponsor the publicity and advertising of all the musical events and festivals through:
– Daily announcements, ads or editorials in newspapers and periodicals;
– Web marketing: social media marketing and planning for the events (contacting businesses and agencies which organize cultural, social and touristic events);
– Spots on the radio and TV: to promote the activity of the event, whether cultural or music, around the territory;
– Promotional material: the production and distribution of CDs and DVDs for the promotion of the events and festivals.

Others involved:
The Ministry for Cultural Preservation and Activity, The Office for Culture and Tourism in the Region of Campania, the Province of Naples and the City of Nola have supported and will continue to support any project, event or festival coordinated by the Foundation “Amelia and Concetta Grassi”.